Handmade with care

After finding the most durable fabrics, meticulously designing our patterns, and thoroughly testing our products, Beandog Labs puts your satisfaction first.

personally customized

Want to show off your love of a specific game, quote, symbol, or have your name and number inside to make sure your console gets back to you if it gets lost? Not a problem!

quick turnaround time

Many items are kept in stock to be shipped within three business days and most custom items are handcrafted just for you in under three weeks. If there is a delay or issue with your order, we keep you in the loop through the full fabrication process.

Hi there! I’m Nae and I run Beandog Labs! I know it’s a kind of silly name, but it’s named after a kind of silly dog. I started Beandog Labs to enable myself to be able to merge my love of games with my skills as a designer and fabricator to address the fact that there are so few actually good cases for portable game consoles.